Ojalá Project

During the summer I was handed a mysterious canvas bag by my friend, Raissa Bump (check out her work, it's fantastic!). As it turns out, quite a few of these bags have changed hands over the last two years as part of the Ojalá Project. Within each bag were the beginnings of what would later become a jewelry piece. Each piece was passed to a new artist who would then add their touch to it and pass it on to the next person. The resulting pieces are a mix of aesthetics, artists, cultures, countries, and materials... each one unique to the hands it passed through.

The opening reception for the pieces created during this project is November 19-24, 2016. If you happen to be passing through Buenos Aires, please take some pictures for me!

"After two years of starting Ojalá Project we invite you to Ojalá Project (Buenos Aires) to be held during the first Bienal Latinoamericana de Joyería Contemporánea "Puentes" (Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewellery "Bridges") organized by Joyeros Argentinos and the Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández."

New limited edition necklace @ SFMOMA Museum Store!

Earlier this year I received a very exciting opportunity in the form of an invitation (along with a handful of other great artists) to propose a design to the SFMOMA Museum Store in honor of their grand re-opening. The main parameter for the piece was that it had to be inspired by the work of an artist in the museum's permanent collection. From there I was given a list of names to investigate further.

One of the artists on that list, Richard Diebenkorn, has been an inspiration for me for a very long time. I have always found his use of volume, color, and line to be particularly engaging. Above are images of his series "Six Soft Ground Etchings". These particular pieces have always spoken to me for some reason. Maybe it's the subtle line work or the slight texture/smudges of the soft ground being lifted on accident while drawing... This became my starting point for the "Inspired Project"

Lots of screen printed test pieces, sketching, and sawing later my homage to Diebenkorn in the form of necklace was finished. The limited edition of 10 necklaces are now available at the SF MOMA Museum Store. The Museum officially reopens its doors May 14th. Stop by, check out the great new building, and take a peek at the great work on display!

A project near and dear to my heart

Over the last few months I have been rather neglectful of my blog and website. Why? Because i've been working on a whole other website! As some of you may know, I am the current president of the Metal Arts Guild. The organization is an all volunteer led non profit with the goal of increasing awareness of our field and promoting the work of our members through various opportunities and education. 

In honor of MAG’s 65th birthday, our website and newsletter got a makeover. We are really excited to see the completion of this phase of the project. Our goal with this new site lis to create a community hub for our field. Bringing a ton of information, great resources, and highlighting the wide variety of metalsmiths and makers working in the Bay Area.

I am thankful to all who have had a hand in bringing this idea to fruition. Our outstanding web designer Christine Craven of Grey Graphic has done a wonderful job bringing our vision to life. I sincerely hope that you’ll check it out!